My story

I come from a holistic background, my Grandmother was a homeopath, and I was brought up with the beliefs that the mind, body and soul are connected. 

Despite this, I spent most of my late teens and twenties in a fairly typical way, drinking far too much alcohol, eating processed junk food and doing zero exercise – generally not taking care of my body.


When I had my first child age 31 I started to develop a skin condition called psoriasis.  I went down the conventional medicine route but something didn’t sit well with me; applying daily steroid creams to quieten down the symptoms without really getting to the root cause.


3 years later after my second child and a very stressful house move, my skin was out of control and I was around 50% covered. I was exhausted, stressed, eating bad food and felt I had lost all connection to myself.


I started to research natural therapies to help my body get back into balance. The book “Healing Psoriasis Naturally” by Dr John Pagano was my starting point. I followed the book to the T for 4 months and by the end of that time I had completely cleared my skin, I was 100% clear.  Added bonuses were how much energy I had, I was running 5-10k regularly, sleeping fantastically and bouncing out of bed each morning.  I realised how much power there was in nutrition and it is this which inspired me to start the 3 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. 


Coupled with my earlier degree in Human Biology and Psychology, I truly felt this was my calling and I am excited to now be in the position to help empower you to find yourself again too.

Nutrition by Emma

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