The Psoriasis Soothe Online Programme


Now self-paced to take in your own time!


I have so much more energy, my digestion has improved and have lost 9lbs! My psoriasis is not as red and angry looking and less scaly.

This course will help you feel in control of your own health and make you feel confident you can improve
Would just like to thank Emma for putting this course together. I have learned so much and feel really confident going forward

Programmes gives you a great recipes and tools to help change your eating mindset!
It was great having the support there everyday from you and everybody on the course. Felt like a team!

The programme gives you the underpinning knowledge and information on helping to heal your psoriasis. Emma provides motivation, support and information that is easy to understand and follow, including great recipes and interaction with other fellow sufferers.

The meal plan looks fab! I am so happy it's not just a recipe book and the shopping list and daily plan is there too.  Just what I need!!


The Psoriasis Soothe - 14 Day Online Programme


Are you ready to take back control of your psoriasis?

Have you done the research into Natural Healing Methods but feel lost and confused about where to begin?

Maybe you've tried some different diets but are not seeing results?

The Psoriasis Soothe 14 day Online Programme is for you!


This 14 day course is designed to give you ALL the information you will need to set you on the right track to empower yourself and heal your skin naturally.


It will help you to:


Ease Inflammation

Feel Energised

Feel Recharged

Sleep Better

Ditch Cravings

Gain the knowledge and confidence to EMPOWER yourself to continue your skin healing journey

What do you get?

A Meal Planner including 14 days worth of delicious, nutritious, healthy and easy recipes in PDF format for you to keep.

A complete Shopping List for each week.

A new online Module hosted by me EACH day sharing the information you need to help you heal your skin from within.

Group Support and Motivation.


The modules contain a combination of videos and handouts giving you information and knowledge which will help you to heal your skin naturally.

A new module is released each day for you to watch when you please.  Topics include:

Should I be eating gluten?

How can I check my stomach acid levels and why is it important?

How is stress linked to psoriasis?

Should I be drinking caffeine?

A Guided Yoga Nidra session

Ways to support the liver

Why is it important to avoid sugar?

What are the oily fish and why are they important?

How can Epsom Salt Baths help?

How Functional Testing can help get to the root cause

Mindful Eating

Should I be eating Dairy?

How can I incorporate everything I've learnt into my life?

This will be a nurturing, comfortable, safe space for people to take their journey together with likeminded people, including myself!

The Programme includes access to a Group Chat function so we can support each other every step of the way.

There is also exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group with life long access to find group support and motivation.

Book now and commit to soothing your psoriasis.

The Finer Details

  • All​ recipes are gluten, dairy and nightshade free.
  • They do contain meat, fish, nuts and grains.
  • Why not give as a gift? Contact me and I can send you a gift voucher.
  • Only available to participants age 16+
  • Available to participants around the world.
  • The Programme will be held via the Practice Better Platform, full details will be sent and is advised to download the Free App.
  • I am NOT suggesting that your psoriasis will be healed completely in 14 days! BUT this is a great place to start and my hope is that you will gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to continue this journey on for as long as you need afterwards.
  • Places are non-refundable.
  • This Programme is a duplicate of the ones which ran already this year, so if you attended one of those you do not need to attend this, unless you want to!
  • Please contact me with any further questions or queries.