Covid-19 and Psoriasis

I got Covid in December 2021 and my skin flared.

Can you relate?

I know from speaking to clients that many people experience psoriasis flares with covid, have you found the same? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m over the worst of my covid journey now and finally feeling well enough to talk (and post!) about it.

It’s been a grim 2 weeks, I’m not going to lie 😬.

My symptoms included a headache, sore throat, constant nausea for the whole 2 weeks, relentless fatigue and tiredness and of course, to top it all off, a psoriasis flare 🙄.
What have I been doing, and what will I continue to do, to mitigate the flare?

➡️Liver support. Some people are getting increased liver enzymes after Covid so coupled with the psoriasis/liver link I am focusing on this area. Lots of cruciferous veg, broccoli sprouts, water, green leafy veg, beetroot, ginger, turmeric and artichoke. Epsom salt baths too 🛁.

➡️ Pulling out all the stops with microbiome support. Prebiotics, probiotics, saccromyces boullardi, polyphenols.

➡️ Immune Support – eating the rainbow, I’ve also been supplementing Vitamins A, D, Zinc and NAC throughout. (Not suitable for everyone!)

➡️REST and sleep. I’m sick of both of these to be honest but the body has to recover.

I’m also trying really hard NOT to get caught up in the familiar panic of my skin flaring out of control. I know that I’ve managed this before and I can do it again. The stress of the flare can make it worse so instead I’m trying to focus on the positive, self care which I CAN do and BELIEVE that my skin will follow.
I’d lov to know your experiences with skin and covid, did you flare or were you ok? How have you found covid? Sending love and strength for everyone going through it now ❤️.

And thank you for all my lovely clients for understanding when I’ve had to cancel appointments the last couple of weeks, I’ll be back stronger than ever in 2022 💪.

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