How can probiotic supplements help psoriasis?

Today, we understand more than ever before how our gut health is linked to our full body health, including our immune system. In the case of many autoimmune conditions, such as psoriasis, we can notice changes depending on our diet. But can we leverage this link to consciously improve conditions and alleviate symptoms?

Probiotic supplements have been around for some time and most of us would have heard about the health benefits of the live microorganisms contained, to restore gut flora. These are generally beneficial to all of us, but the gut microbiome and imbalances vary based on specific conditions and individual circumstances. A way forward is to develop targeted ‘products’ to directly address symptoms or underlying causes of a specific condition, such as acne or psoriasis, by selecting strains of bacteria that are commonly matched up with the disease. 

An example of such a product, AxisBiotix-Ps was launched today to mark World Psoriasis Day. This supplement was specifically developed to address the symptoms of psoriasis, such as the itchy, flaky red skin and leaky gut. It contains four strains of bacteria that are relevant for this condition. It is easy to take with a drink and being completely natural, it can be an ideal companion in the long term. 

Targeted supplements could mean a whole new avenue for sufferers of various conditions and in the case of AxisBiotix-Ps, numerous participants of an early testing phase saw improved symptoms within weeks. 72% of study participants with self-assessed psoriasis who used the blend for the full 56 days, reported improvements in their skin health, including reduction in itchiness, flakiness, and redness. They also noticed an improvement in their overall quality of life – they felt healthier, their energy levels increased, and they slept better. Almost all of those with positive results have asked for extension of the trial and are still taking the supplement today. Perhaps it could provide relief for you as well!

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If you’re concerned about the potential interaction between probiotics and immunosuppressant medication, I always suggest checking with your Doctor first.

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