What’s the Deal with Dairy?

Should dairy be avoided with psoriasis?

The answer to this is not clear cut and is where personalised nutrition is important!

My personal take on dairy is that if you have an autoimmune condition, such as psoriasis, it is best avoided.

The dairy which we know nowadays is not the same as in the good old days. Cattle are often intensively farmed and fed cheap food in high quantities. All of this is reflected in the quality of the milk. The USA now gets 60% more milk from 30% fewer cows 🤯.

The milk then goes through a pasteurisation process and by the time it reaches our tables it is a highly processed product full of inflammatory compounds, growth hormones and chemicals.

🥛What about lactose intolerance?

Did you know that genetically speaking we are pre-determined to be lactose INtolerant? It is only if our genes have a SNP (a variation) that we become able to digest lactose. Around 65% of the world are lactose intolerant.

🥛Is there a place for raw, organically produced milk?

Possibly so but it depends on the individual. Raw milk contains the enzyme lactase which is used to break down the sugar lactose which is found in milk. Lactase is lost during the processing of mainstream milk.


Dairy proteins have also been found to cross-react with gluten proteins. This means the body confuses the 2 and, particularly where leaky gut is involved, dairy can affect the body the same way that gluten does.

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