Is Psoriasis affected by Coffee?

In honour of International Coffee day last week, I wanted to address the topic of coffee, caffeine and whether this affects our skin.

Like so many things, this is really down to the individual.

Sensitivity to caffeine is linked to our genes. If we have a SNP, which is code for a slightly “weaker link”, in the gene which makes the enzyme which breaks down caffeine, we will be more sensitive to it.

People who are sensitive to caffeine often know it and are better avoiding all together, or if it is something which brings much joy then to have just one cup a day early on and always with food.

Studies show that caffeine increases the stress hormone cortisol in the body. So if you are particularly stressed, it is a good idea to avoid all together.

Never have caffeine on an empty stomach as this will increase cortisol even higher, if you have it with breakfast, at least the food will counteract the effect slightly.

Caffeine has a half life of about 6 hours. This means if you have a cup at midday, there will still be a quarter in your system at midnight. Bear this in mind if you are sensitive, stressed or having trouble sleeping.

Weigh up how much joy you get from coffee with how stressed you are and how sensitive you are to the effects. Roasted Dandelion Root “coffee” is a great caffeine free alternative and the dandelion also support liver function.

I also LOVE the idea of a mindful coffee meditation. Next time you are making a coffee, try these steps:

  • Send Gratitude to the person who harvested the beans
  • Send Gratitude to the people who transported the beans to your home
  • Sit down quietly and take some deep breaths
  • Listen to the water boiling and dripping through the coffee
  • Watch the steam coming off the cup
  • Close your eyes and smell the coffee
  • Take a small sip and feel the warmth
  • Hold it in your mouth and feel the different sensations and notice the different flavours
  • Keep breathing and experiencing the moment in the present

What better way could there be to experience the coffee?! Enjoy!

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