Hello H-Pylori!

This is the third instalment of my journey with stool testing and brings us up-to-date.

Almost a year has passed since I did my first test and I thought it was about time I got re-tested to see how my protocol had worked.


I decided to take a test called GI-MAP this time around, available from Nordic Laboratories (http://nordiclabs.com/EDetail.aspx?id=3827.) This test has a number of benefits:

1) It has a H-Pylori test included as standard as opposed to an add-on.

2) It uses quantitative PCR technology, in simple terms it’s looking at the DNA of all the gut bugs and also tells us the AMOUNT of everything that’s in there.

3) It has a few other different markers which can be useful depending on presenting symptoms.

4) Only one sample required!

First page all clear.

Second page – Hello H Pyori! I’m going to write another blog explaining what this is in detail but needless to say, it’s not a welcome visitor. The Enterobacter which was there a year ago is still hanging around as well, along with a couple of other high levels of normal bacteria. Ideally, these would all be within a normal range.

Some good news on the third page. The Citrobacter which had been present in high numbers last year have now gone, thanks to the herbal antimicrobial protocol I undertook. Sadly another couple are showing as high now.

Final page – I’ve managed to home a parasite since last year! There’s some debate as to whether this particular parasite does much damage, but I think I’d rather it wasn’t there so will be addressing it with a protocol in the next few months.

My elastase levels are still low, these are a measure of the digestive enzymes produced from my pancreas. I have found a potential reason for this now with the H Pylori so I’m hopeful that when I have addressed that my pancreas may start putting out the right amount of enzymes again.

Secretory IgA is still quite low but better than the 15 it was on last year! I will continue supplementing to help this.

So a mixed bag from this test, I’m glad to have found the H Pylori which could be driving all of my symptoms, particularly the overgrowth of the bacteria in the microbiome, ultimately leading to psoriasis.

My protocol for the next 8 weeks or so will be to try to get rid of the H Pylori with a natural supplement, then going back on the antimicrobial herbs to knock back the remaining dysbiosis. I am also paying a LOT of attention to mindful eating, chewing well, eating in a relaxed state. At the same time, I am addressing my pyroluria with supplements. Pyroluria means that I am deficient in Zinc and B6, the co-factors to make stomach acid, so another reason why I am low in that. H Pylori also decreases stomach acid.

I will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you are interested to discuss functional testing further, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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