Pyroluria Part 2

I thought it was about time I updated you on the vitamin and mineral blood tests that I had done with Biolab back in March.

After testing positive for kryptopyrroles via a urine test, the next stage was to check on my nutrient status. For those who missed Part 1 of this blog , check it out now, but in short kryptopyrroles bind to Zinc and B6 in the body which means a likely deficiency of these important nutrients.

My results confirmed this, zinc was below reference range at 9.7 (ref range 11.5-20). Although my copper results seemed ok at 13.9, the important number is the ratio between zinc and copper. The magic number here is 0.7-1.0, however mine was 1.3. In short, too much copper and not enough zinc.

The second really important test for pyroluria sufferers is caeruloplasmin. This is the protein which binds to copper in the body, if the caeruloplasmin is low, it means more free copper which is not a good thing. Mine was again below reference range at 17.7 (ref range 18-34).

So what does it all mean? In a nutshell, I need zinc! The zinc/copper/psoriasis link is also interesting, I will write another blog about that.

I am increasing my zinc levels slowly as too much can cause a mass exodus of copper, resulting in copper dumping symptoms. I am also taking molybdenum to help with this and drinking lots of water along with supporting my liver.

I’ll report back when I get re-tested in a few months.

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